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Take our self-serve learning modules at your own pace. They are priced and built for aspiring UX professionals who want to build incredible products but have limited experience, knowledge and money.

Each certified course has an active peer-to-peer community and mentor check-ins so you can share your feedback, challenges and learn from those around you.

I want deep-dive learning and expertise from successful UX professionals who have ‘been there and done that’.

We pride ourselves on giving seasoned UX professionals access to an incredible network of mentors.

Suitable for individual contributors who want to have their voice heard and designs loved, to product managers and executives who want to get more out of their design teams.

Your sessions are bespoke, built around the UX and stakeholder problems you want to solve and matched to relevant mentors.

We also provide team-based mentoring for groups that want to solve specific, complex problems and perform at an even higher level. 


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Our attendees are new to UX, tech founders, product leaders or part of transformation and innovation teams...


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Upcoming 2021 UX Courses

Conversational Design


This new upcoming online course focuses on the UX of automated messaging (Bots).

The course is designed to guide Product Teams and UX Designers through the necessary worklfow steps when imagining / reimagining products and services as automated messaging experiences across a host of platforms.

Understand conversational branching design, conversational design tooling, NLP, messaging UX paradigms, navigation and the importance of UX writing.

Product Business Models


As UX leads deeply in the underbelly of Product Proposition, UX practitioners more and more are required to understand and align to evolving product business models across B2B / B2C / DTC experiences.

This new course is designed to help UX practitioners go deep in understanding modern digital product business models and how UX is a key contributor to their success.

Courses & Workshop Outcomes

  • Achieve UXI Certification
  • Advance Your Career Opportunities
  • Learn to Conduct Product UX Research
  • Validate Product Proposition Faster
  • Learn to Co-Create with Customers
  • Benchmark Competitor UX, CX & UI
  • Map Qualitative and Quantitative insights
  • Conduct Buyer Persona Research
  • Learn UX Workshop Techniques
  • Create Modern On Boarding Experiences
  • Design User Journeys and User Workflows
  • Design Better Software Continiously

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The UX Institute is recruiting part time experienced UX & Design Thinking Mentors globally.

If you would like to apply to become a member of the UXI Mentorship team, please fill out the quick 5 min questionnaire below.

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