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'User Research' & 'SaaS UX Design' certificate courses enrolling now for September 6th Start Dates.

Enrol by:
July 30, 2021

Live Classes

12 Weeks



Payment Options Payment Options Available

2021-07-30 00:00:00

Enrollment Closes Soon

Enrol by:
July 30, 2021

Live Classes

12 Weeks



Payment Options Payment Options Available

2021-07-30 00:00:00

Enrollment Closes Soon

SaaS UX Design

Self Paced 12 Week Course

Online Classes / 1:1 Mentorship

Accepting September 2021 cohort enrolment now

Apply for your place before July 30th 2021

Required: 5 - 7 hours per week

Limited seats available

Price: $1199

Payment Options Available.


Next UX Design for SaaS Start Dates

The UX Design for SaaS course is 12 weeks long.

The Next Cohort Starts

September 6th, 2021

Deadline for Applications

July 30th, 2021

Bring Your SaaS Experience to Life, become UX Led

This Program is Highly Beneficial For...


Founders & Startups


Product Managers


UX Researchers & Designers

UX Design for SaaS Program

  • UX Design for SaaS is a 12 week online learning program for Startup Tech Founders, UX Designers, Product Managers and Product Teams creating SaaS experiences.

  • The course is 5 Modules long with short assignments.
  • This course is online, live classes, fully mentored, 12 weeks long and self paced. Mentors will meet weekly through one-one's and webinars to help guide curriculum, project completion and your success.

  • Curriculum assignments, webinars and live sessions are delivered by course leader and guest design mentors.

  • Join active discussion groups on Slack and opportunities to collaborate with peers during and post course completion.

  • Bring your own company platform or startup project to the program.

  • We’d be honoured to work with you.

Program Outcomes

  • Learn user experience research, strategy and design skills to help you execute modern acquisition, activation and retention user experience design.
  • The UX Design for SaaS program can fast track your knowledge with an injection of condensed real world hands on learning, frameworks and tools that are immediately applicable.

  • Learn how to work with Developers and Product Teams implementing modern Web App UX / UI Design.
  • We’ve already helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, founders and design students across an array of incubators, industries and countries (and counting).

  • Become the most well needed UX Designer the industry needs.

Limited seats available. Accepting September 2021 cohort enrolment now. Apply for your place before July 30th 2021

Some of the Things You Will Learn

Product Strategy Workshop

Co-Create With Customers

Learn to Partner & Ideate with Customers Early in the Process

Prototype Key Proposition Journeys

Benchmark & learn from the best Platforms in the World


Design SaaS Product Journeys

Capitalise on Behavioural Automated Experiences

Prioritise & Design key Platform Journeys

Learn to design for Pro VS Amateur Users

API & System Led Design


Activation & Retention UX

Understand & apply UX through Acquisition, Activation & Retention Phases

Learn to work with Developers, Frameworks and Design Systems

Design Subscription Models & Pricing

Learn the B2B / B2C SaaS Experience Design Funnel


Learn from Global Platforms


World Class SaaS UX Design Curriculum

Program Module Samples

Full Syllabus Available on Request.

Module 1

SaaS Business Models & Frameworks

Learn Modern SaaS Business Model Landscape and Applied UX Design Standards

1.0  Intro to SaaS Business Models

1.1  Product Saturation, Moats are Broken

1.2  UX - The Differentiator

1.3  Designing Modern Software

1.4  UX Standards Are Set, The Bar is High

1.5  SaaS UX Design Funnel - Acquisition, Activation & Retention UX

1.6  Common SaaS User Workflows

1.7  Modern SaaS Case Studies, (Disney+, Hubspot, Apple One)

1.8  Understanding, Marketplace and API Driven Design

1.9  Automation UX - (AI / ML Driven Design)

By the end of this module you will understand SaaS Business Models, SaaS Design Standards & Common User Journey Flows

Module 2

UX Research, Validation of Insights & Experience Direction

UX Researchers Role, Research Execution, Workflow and Aligning to SaaS Metrics

1.0  SaaS UX Designers Workflow - Be Confident, Hold Firm

1.1  How to Co-Create with B2B / B2C Customers

1.2  Working with Business Stakeholders

1.3  What to get right for the SaaS User

1.4  UX Effect on Growth Metrics

1.5  SaaS Research Methodologies

1.6  Creating Buyer Personas

1.7  User Journey Mapping

1.8  SaaS UX Benchmarking

Module 2 helps you understand the SaaS UX Designers Workflow, UX Research Strategies & Working with Customers

Module 3

Proposition Prototyping, Static, Coded & Frameworks

Prototyping Efficiently, Reducing Design Workload, Selecting Design Systems & Testing

1.0  Why Create Prototypes

1.1  Prototyping Validated Proposition Journeys

1.2  Web App Frameworks - Yes, Designers Need to know Frameworks - React / Vue / Angular

1.3  Static VS Coded Prototyping - Tooling & Benefits

1.4  Design Debt Reduction

1.5  Using Design Systems

1.6  Working with Developers

1.7  Usability Testing

Module 3 brings understanding of Prototying SaaS User Journeys, Building at Speed, Working with your Development Team and Testing Regularly with Users.

Full Syllabus Available on Request.

Earn UXI Accreditation

When you complete your course, you will earn a UX Institute SaaS UX Certificate, which can boost your LinkedIn profile and resume, helping you stand out in the UX job market.


Book Your Place, Get Started Now

Choose a UXI Plan That Works Best For You

Remember: Limited seats are available. Cohort kick off is every 8 weeks.
We are accepting July Cohort Bookings Now.
Apply for your place before July 30th 2021.

One Time Payment

$1199 USD
  • UXI Accreditation
  • Lifetime Access to Course & Material
  • Access to Future Updated Course Material
  • 1:1 Mentorship - During
  • Access to Mentors Post Course Completion
  • Slack Membership to UXI SaaS Channel
  • Opportunity to Converse & Ideate with Peers
  • Continious Design Learning
  • Build Confidence as a UX Leader

Low Monthly - 3 Payments

$400 USD / 3 Monthly Payments
  • UXI Accreditation
  • Lifetime Access to Course & Material
  • Access to Future Updated Course Material
  • 1:1 Mentorship
  • Access to Mentors Post Course Completion
  • Slack Membership to SaaS Channel
  • Opportunity to Converse & Learn with Peers
  • Continuous UX Design Learning
  • Build Confidence as a UX Leader


Payment Plans - Need help, please let us know, get in touch

Do Apply For This Course If...

  • You are part of corporate product team or scaling startup building digital products and services
  • You are working on a live SaaS platform (B2B / B2C) looking to reinvent, upgrade and master your platforms experience and design.
  • You are a SaaS startup founder or team member embarking on MVP build and beyond with first customers.
  • You are a Startup Founder, Developer, UX Researcher, Product Designer or Product Manager seeking a deeper understanding of end to end SaaS UX to implement with your team.
  • You can commit to the training, 5 - 7 hours per week, attend weekly mentor sessions, complete course material, webinars and homework.

Give Your Users The Experience They Expect

B2B / B2C product experience norms are set.
Users / customers naturally expect your product to behave with these norms on sign up.
The rest is up to you!

FAQs / Support

Who should take this course?

The SaaS UX Design Course is industry based for aspiring Tech Founders, UX Designers, Product Managers, Developers and Design Teams.

Our goal is to deliver the most actionable learning experience of your career.

Are payment options available?

A one off payment of $1199 entitles you to full course enrolment, materials, account login and post course continual updates, new material and access to our student slack channel. 

Monthly instalments are also available of $400 per month over a 3 month period.

To enrol, activate your account and start the live course on the kick off date, payment must be received.

Will I be mentored?

The answer to this is YES! The UXI team Mentorship is led by Mark Swaine, Chief UX & Product leader. Mark and team will be mentoring you throughout the course curriculum weekly. 

Mentoring involves, activity / curriculum guidance and assessment of submissions / work completion. 

Will I earn a qualification?

On course completion students receive UXI accreditation.

Is the curriculum industry led?

SaaS UXI curriculum is the most on point, industry based curriculum available. The curriculum has been crafted from a Product and UX Leadership perspective on building new SaaS products and services from the ground up. This is a unique course opportunity not to be missed. 

What Skills Will I Learn?
  • SaaS UX Architecture
  • Retention Design
  • Cross Platform Web App Design
  • Usability Testing 
  • Static & Coded Prototyping
  • Modern Design Systems
  • Experience Automation
  • Customer Education Design
Will I be able to expense this to my company?

Every company has a different policy regarding professional development. If tuition reimbursement through your company is a possibility you'd like to explore, once you've applied we can provide support / facilitation to help participants avail of the opportunity.

We accept company payments on behalf of students.

Need help convincing your manager? Get in touch.

Have Addtionial Questions?

Get the answers you need by speaking to one of our learning advisory team members.