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'User Research' & 'SaaS UX Design' certificate courses enrolling now for February 8th 2022 Start Dates.

UX Design for SaaS: (UX Certified)

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Duration: 8 weeks, at own pace
Beginner - Intermediate
UXI Certification: Shareable Certificate
Price: €749


Learn Online

Suitable for UX designers and product managers with 2-3 years experience. Everything is turning to subscription.  Learn user experience design skills to help you acquire, activate and retain customers from seasoned SaaS professionals.

Enrol now and book your seat. This course is online, 6 weeks long and self paced. Mentors will meet weekly through one-one's and webinars to help guide curriculum and your success.

This course starts November, Monday 16th, 2020, Online.

What You Will Learn

  • Web App Frameworks
  • On-Boarding Design
  • Education Design
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Journey Mapping, (Pre, During, Post)
  • User Activation UX
  • Retention UX
  • Automation UX
  • SaaS Design Systems
  • Coded Prototypes
  • A/B / Usability Testing
  • Pricing Design Strategy
  • User Journey Mapping
  • UX Writing
  • Bringing It All Together

Skills You Will Gain

  • SaaS UX Architecture
  • Retention Design
  • Cross Platform Web App Design
  • Usability Testing 
  • Static & Coded Prototyping
  • Modern Design Systems
  • Experience Automation
  • Customer Education Design

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