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'User Research' & 'SaaS UX Design' certificate courses enrolling now for January 15th 2024 Start Dates.

UX Design for SaaS: (UX Certified)

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Duration: 8 weeks, at own pace
Beginner - Intermediate
UXI Certification: Shareable Certificate
Price: €749


Learn Online

Suitable for UX designers and product managers with 2-3 years experience. Everything is turning to subscription.  Learn user experience design skills to help you acquire, activate and retain customers from seasoned SaaS professionals.

Enrol now and book your seat. This course is online, 6 weeks long and self paced. Mentors will meet weekly through one-one's and webinars to help guide curriculum and your success.

This course starts November, Monday 16th, 2020, Online.

What You Will Learn

  • Web App Frameworks
  • On-Boarding Design
  • Education Design
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Journey Mapping, (Pre, During, Post)
  • User Activation UX
  • Retention UX
  • Automation UX
  • SaaS Design Systems
  • Coded Prototypes
  • A/B / Usability Testing
  • Pricing Design Strategy
  • User Journey Mapping
  • UX Writing
  • Bringing It All Together

Skills You Will Gain

  • SaaS UX Architecture
  • Retention Design
  • Cross Platform Web App Design
  • Usability Testing 
  • Static & Coded Prototyping
  • Modern Design Systems
  • Experience Automation
  • Customer Education Design

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Muneeb Arain
Muneeb Arain
Mark was my UX mentor in 2019, since then I have had a few job opportunities in the industry and have really settled in. A lot of his practices are very beneficial and can be seen being used on a day-to-day basis in the real work field. I couldn't be more thankful for his patience and teachings that have helped shaped me to the product designer I am toady. Thanks Mark!
Lauren Hurley
Lauren Hurley
Mark was my mentor for a UX Design course I took through Springboard. He was very helpful and I felt like I learned a lot; he’s also very easy to work with and has great communication skills.
Keon Vines
Keon Vines
As a student of the UX institute I can confidently say that It has prepared me for working in this field. I believe everyone and anyone can benefit greatly by participating the courses offered.
Gregory Prosser
Gregory Prosser
Due to Mark's years of experience in UX, he provides unique, industry-focused advice. While working to sharpen my UX skills Mark instilled confidence in me through encouragement and proper mentorship. Thank you, Mark, for teaching and challenging me to be a better designer. I feel extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to work with you!
Gene Murphy
Gene Murphy
It's been great working with the team here on a lot of different projects including training for corporate teams, early stage startups and guest events to our global community for early stage tech founders. They have a great way of working with their different audiences and I personally always come away learning something new so I would highly recommend getting in touch with the team.
Jake Phillips
Jake Phillips
Mark and UXI have contributed significantly to supporting startups in the ecosystem through his mentoring. He's an active participant at our First Fridays for Startups program and look forward to more of the same.
Steven Yeo
Steven Yeo
Mark is an honest, experienced, and human UX designer. He has helped me gain the knowledge that only comes from years of experience doing UX with real clients - the things that many courses or books often miss. Believing that UX is ever-growing, Mark will never claim himself to be the UX expert; however, his knowledge around the digital world is well worth learning under. Thank you, Mark!
Luke Fitzgerald
Luke Fitzgerald
The support and mentoring I received from Mark was second to none, I now feel more confident to approach complex UX issues and provide a better experience for the users of my own site and those of my clients. Couldn't recommend UX Institute highly enough, a fantastic deep learning experience delivered in such a relaxed and well-structured manner.