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'User Research' & 'SaaS UX Design' certificate courses enrolling now for February 8th 2022 Start Dates.

SaaS UX Product Strategy Workshop

Learn how to create and improve UX of your SaaS platform. The SaaS UX workshop helps product managers, tech founders and UX designers collaborate and ideate new and improved experiences to acquire, engage and keep customers coming back.


Workshop Format:

Intro to SaaS UX benchmarking

SaaS web app architecture design frameworks

Sketch sign up and on-boarding user journeys

Ideate / map acquisition, activation, retention user journeys

Design key proposition experiences, e.g. dashboards, authentication

Develop notification strategy & design

Design system review


Workshop Information

Duration: 1 day workshop
Location: On site - Location of your choice
Facilitation: UXI Workshop Leader
Price: Get in touch


Bring Your Team Togther. Pricing Available on Request

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